Helinet is a highly respected Los Angeles helicopter operator and widely recognized for our uncompromising commitment to safety. We understand the rigorous requirements of each market we serve and have the experience to complete each mission in the safest manner in full compliance with all FAA regulations. We maintain various programs, including a fully functional Safety Management System Program and Safety Award Program, to assure the safety of all ground and flight operations.
Our in-house flight followers are on-site 24/7/365, utilizing state-of-the-art flight and weather tracking systems to ensure the success of each mission. Additionally, they receive in-house training as well as recurrent training with the International Association of Medical Transport Communications Specialists.
Our highly skilled pilots regularly undergo in-house recurrent training, as well as training with outside specialists Eurosafety International and CAE Simuflite, for each airframe they fly. Helinet uses customized computer software that automates all aspects of aircraft maintenance, record keeping, and operations scheduling, including, pilot flight, duty and rest times.
Having an impeccable safety record has made us the aviation choice of top local and national hospitals, news stations, production companies, and law enforcement agencies, among others. Contact us at your convenience to learn more.